Securely tucked inside a dressing room at Rogers Arena, we find ourselves at a safe distance from adoring young fans outside, screaming for Tyler Medeiros. Here, Medeiros chills out before his anticipated Vancouver performance alongside Big Time Rush, Cody Simpson and Victoria Duffield. Although having braved the overexcited crowds once already, giving a lucky few time to pose with the young crooner, the crowd outside is relentless. And really, who could blame them for wanting more?

Medeiros, who is flying under the tutelage of hip-hop heavyweight, Flo Rida, has been turning heads with radio friendly hits like “Say I Love You” and swoon-worthy tracks like “Girlfriend”. Although young and relatively new to the music industry, Medeiros is already building a brand that puts his music and his fans first – making him, in our eyes, undisputedly the Peoples’ Pop Star.

Your self-titled EP is out right now. What was the process of being in the studio for the first time recording this like?

It was a process of a lot of people, a lot of creative minds and a lot of views, imaginations and visions. I think we came up with a great few songs to release to the fans. I couldn’t ask for better songs to release right now. I’m in the studio working on my official album to release soon. I think it’s going great.

Were there any really hard decisions during the recording process or post-recording process for the EP?
Yeah, definitely. We recorded maybe twenty or more songs and there’s only seven on the EP so we definitely had to choose the best ones that the fans would really connect with and be hyped up about. I think we made a great choice with the songs we made. We have a song called “#QTEE” on it dedicated to my fans.

In the studio, how much experimentation is involved to find the right sounds that suit your musical style?
A lot at the beginning actually. We were doing a bunch of different sounds and I think even on the EP we made a variety of sounds. We have “Got It Bad”, which is a more edgy kind of feel. We have “Favourite Girl”, which is more of a summer tune. We’ve got “#QTEE”, which is more a worldwide kind of feel. I think we just showed the versatility of my ability.

Is there a certain vibe or certain instruments you’re more drawn to?
I love piano. I think if a guy could play piano and he plays it for a girl, I think you win her over right there.

Your songs are very expressive. Were you always this open and confident with communicating your emotions?
Yes, I think if you express the way you feel, it’s a really good thing. You don’t want to keep everything bottled up inside because one day it’s all going to come out and it’s not going to be good. If you have inspirations and feelings, let them out in the way that you feel comfortable.

Is that a daily process for you?
Everyday, you have different inspirations – every second of the day there’s a different inspiration. If you really feel strong about something, especially for me, I want to counter to that and if I have enough to say about it, I’m going to express it in a song.

How do you prepare to walk on stage and perform knowing that there’s thousands of screaming girls waiting?
You gotta breathe. A lot of people get nervous in front of a lot of people. For me, I feel right at home in front of a lot of people. I love the attention and I love communicating with people. I’m a people person.

Working with guys with Pitbull, Flo Rida, Danny Fernandes, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten?
To always work hard and it’s going to pay off.

What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about being in the spotlight?

The least favourite thing is I can’t do as many things as I would like to do – that I used to be able to do. My favourite thing, I’m a people person. I love to meet people, I love to hear how they feel, I like to learn the way they think and just vibe with people and feed off of them.

You’re one of the sharpest dressed seventeen-year-olds. How do you describe your personal style?
It’s unique. It’s Tyler Medeiros. I love shiny things – anything that pops out. If I really like it, I’m going to buy it. I won’t buy something just because I think it’s kind of cool. Why are you going to waste your money on something you think is just cool, but a week later you are going to see something that makes you go, “wow!” I’m really picky with the things I wear and the things I do, so I really have to feel strong about something.

You’ve achieved a lot of success this year alone. Can you pinpoint a moment you’re exceptional proud of?
I’m extremely proud of performing at Summer Rush this year in Toronto because growing up I was always watching my cousins [Danny Fernandes and Shawn Desman] perform there. For me, to perform there, it was something that I really sat back, looked at and I was like, “I’m finally making it.”

Last words for your fans?
I want to say thank you to all my fans and they should go on iTunes and pick up Tyler Medeiros TM and this shout out goes out to all the #QTEEs.

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