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Fan Expo Vancouver

The Vancouver Fan Expo is a three-day long convention centered around Anime, Manga, Comics, Sci-Fi, Gaming and Horror. Fans come out by the thousands…


Wild At Heart

True to their roots, the five southern gents of The Wild Feathers have orchestrated a blend of rock and roll that has Nashville stamped all over it.


The Orwellian Way

From the suburbs of Chicago to a modest venue in Vancouver’s Chinatown district, The Orwells have woven across provinces, states, and countries to share their music with both new and loyal followers.


Behind The Music

Assuredly, it is the expert craftsmanship of seasoned musicians that can make a song sound as effortless as the way Fitz and The Tantrums does it. Catchy not only in the hooks, this band’s music and lyrics have a way of infecting the mind, body, and soul. John Wicks (drums and percussion) and James King (saxophone, flute, keyboard, percussion, and guitar) are two of the six faces behind Fitz & The Tantrums.