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Forecast Calls for Hedley

With a loud crash, the crowd was stunned long enough for a split second of silence before ear-shattering screams broke out. Canada’s favourite pranksters, Jacob, Tommy, Dave and Chris, better known as Hedley, were back in BC playing for a hometown crowd.


Burnaby Boy Returns Home

Up in the Captains Room at Rogers Arena a room full of journalists, reporters, cameramen, and photographers patiently wait for Canadian superstar Michael Bublé.


Backstage with… Dragonette

We caught up with Dan Kurtz, Joel Stouffer, and Chris Hugget on their tour stop in Vancouver to talk about Perez Hilton, celebrity perfumes, and the wonders of Craigslist.


Backstage with…Shad

We caught up with Canadian hip hop artists Shad to talk about who sets his standard for live music, his pursuit for a masters degree, and his upcoming album.