Out of all the generic pop tunes littering the airwaves these days and an excessive tendency to market young entertainers through a fire storm of controversial stunts, comes an artist who has steered her way through success early on in her teens and continues to rise above all the media fodder without compromise.

After a brief hiatus following her self-titled debut and the unreleased Sunday Love, Fefe Dobson steps back into the spotlight with her new album, Joy. The new album revisits Dobson’s signature rock and roll pop roots with the single “Ghost” and the song “Watch Me Move”, while “Can’t Breathe” and “Stuttering” highlight a delicate vulnerability that’s sure to resonate with fans. Her lyrics far from idle musings, the songs “Set Me Free” and “Didn’t See You Comingconfirm a new level of growth and maturity in Dobson’s repertoire as an artist and as a song writer.

“Honestly this album has taken four years to make – the whole process…If you listen to the album it’s like two sides of me,” describes Dobson. “ It’s my rock side and then my pop side, so I mean, it’s like a schizophrenic musical experience.”

She continues, “I write a lot about love. I love love and am inspired by it. It moves me and creates such deep emotion that I just have to express it. And the lack of love, [my albums], are like a girl’s diary.”

In addition to writing her own songs, Dobson has had a hand in penning songs for other artists including Selena Gomez and Jordin Sparks. When asked if it is at all difficult parting with a song, Dobson replies without hesitation, “I love it, it’s so cool!”

Dobson explains, “I write to get a lot of things off my shoulders and once a song is done I feel like I am able to release that part of me and I can move on. Sometimes…it’s good for someone else and that’s a blessing because then they can take it and they can release it for me. It’s so cool – these girls singing some of my songs.”

Looking back on her first headlining tour, Dobson reflects on her success then how it compares to now. “It’s been a long time so to be able to say I will get back and do this again and I will have success…I have grown up and I understand it more and I can really appreciate [finding success] on a different level.”

When asked whether she still gets a bit of a thrill hearing herself on the radio, Dobson replies excitedly, “Oh my God yes! It never goes away because success is never guaranteed and when you get to hear that things are going well and you get to hear yourself, you feel good. Naturally, when you accomplish something that you’re proud of you always feel good, big or small. You finish cleaning the dishes and you feel good about it, you know?”

Dobson also notes, “[Doing] shows have brought a lot of joy to my life. Meeting fans and these kids and seeing that I bring joy to their lives – that brings me a lot of joy.”

With the album aptly named Joy, it’s inevitable that Dobson ends up spreading a bit of it everywhere she goes.


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