Take a dash of James Dean rebel, add a sprinkle of Cherie Currie sexy, a pinch of Pat Benatar vocals, and a whole lot a hair and what do you get? Sky Ferreira – something like a phenomenon.

What is it about Sky Ferreira that has captivated the attention of publications like Nylon, Elle, and not to mention countless other online blogs? What is it about this eighteen year old that has garnered her thousands of Facebook fans, thousands upon thousands of plays on MySpace, and two music videos without even dropping a record yet?

Teens these days do it their way. They set their name in stone and prove that star power can be constructed through one’s own ability, creativity, and most importantly, will. Luckily for music lovers, Ferreira has all this and to top it off – talent!

 Setting the cyber world ablaze, the “California Gurl” who coincidently knows Katy Perry personally, is taking the world by storm.

Sky Ferreira

For those of us already familiar with the hype surrounding Ferreira, you may already know that she is working with famed Swedish producers Bloodshy and Avant, that she has sung for the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, and that she has a style that puts Gossip Girl fashion to shame. Impressed yet?

Not just another run-of-the-mill pop princess, Ferreira knows her music history. She pays tribute to the artists before her like no other (Listen to Happy Dre, a song that takes Dr. Dre’s Still D.R.E. remixed with The Beatles’ Happiness is a Warm Gun – I’m not joking).

Her brilliant take on the 1983 Stevie Nicks hit Stand Back will have a new generation of kids raiding their parents’ old record collection.

Not one to be lumped into any single genre, Ferreira’s list of influences and music favourites range from Tupac to Bowie to Suzi Quatro.

It’s unclear what exactly Ferreira has in store for us, but one thing’s for sure, each move she makes only adds to her bubble of enigma that keeps us all wanting more.

Like her growing legion of fans, I too would like to keep her music all to myself, but great things are hard to keep under wraps, and it is certain that Ferreira is on the cusp of skyrocketing towards becoming a household name – no pun intended.

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