Check out our interview with bassist Bill Hamilton of Canadian band Silverstein. We caught up with Bill to chat about their concept album “A Shipwreck in the Sand”, staying true to who you are, and how surreal his life has been for the past ten years.


How Warped tour treating you?

Bill Hamilton: Its going really great. We really stoked to be back out. We’ve done warped tour years in a row and we haven’t done it for like two or three years. We’re happy to be back and we think two weeks in a perfect amount of time to be on the tour. Looking forward to doing some good shows. Best thing [about being on the tour] is [seeing] all of your old friends and hang out and see bands you love and the community of warped tour. Its like a camp and there’s people who have been working on warped tour forever and bands that always do it- so its like a community, so its good to have that and get into the swing of that and see the same people everyday.

The worst thing is the unpredictable weather of playing an outdoor festival everyday. It could rain. It could be hot. That’s always the worst.


Lets talk about the latest record. How did the idea for “A Shipwreck in the Sand” come about?

B.H: Something we talked about before going into the process of writing and getting everything together, was that we wanted to do something a little bit different. Give the record more of a story and a meaning and with everything that was going on in the last few years – in the world- we just saw a real window to make our music be about something more than it has been about. We always think [about] personal problems and relationships and family issues and that kind of stuff, but with this one we had a bigger picture about the world and about problems going on, and somehow [to] tie that together into what we normally sing about. We just tried to make a bigger package out of it.


What’s the back story behind the “A shipwreck in the Sand”?

B.H: The whole concept is about a family and the very first song their house catches on fire and that sets the stage for what the other stories are about. The husband has medical issues and there’s problems with the government and there’s a war going on – all this kind of stuff- so the house on fire was the very first real big impact that happens in the story so its almost imagery for the whole story of this deteriorating burning house. And people always ask if its called “A Shipwreck in the Sand” why isn’t there a ship on the cover? That’s just an analogy or metaphor – its really just about this family and their house and their society crumbling.


What do want listeners to take away from the record?

B.H: We really hope that fans can connect to the album and relate [the record] to their personal lives. Even if they haven’t gone through some stuff like that, just to find some kind of comfort in that other people are going through that kind of stuff. This is so personal for us, its more of an overall story. Open up some people’s eyes in the world and teach them that they can get involved. 

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