Strutting onstage to AD/DC’s “Thunderstruck”, comedian Shaun Majumder brought his uncensored view of racism, sex, religion, and politics to Vancouver as his stand up comedy tour “This tour has 22 Cities…The Road to Majumder Manor” rolled through town.

On stage no subject is off limits for the three time Gemini Award winner. From imitating political leaders in bed, to rejecting religious advances, to how to navigate your way around breast implants, Majumder leaves nothing behind. His straight up approach to comedy and blunt honesty leave you feeling offended and yet you can’t help but laugh along.

Raised in Burlington, Newfoundland Majumder recounts his childhood growing up as a “beige” kid in a tiny religious town. But before you start to sympathize with him, Majumder counters not to worry because Canada is a gold mine for racists with all the colours of the race rainbow to pick from.

Majumder also touched on his love for Canada, and despite having a perverse “leprechaun” for a Finance Minister, he claims it’s, “the greatest country in the world.” His set also showcased a mash up of a stoned, redneck, hippie surfer who give aliens a brief tour of this great country.

Majumder’s straight laced outlook and brazen personal stories make him relatable, likeable, and above all else extremely hilarious.


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