“Songs are almost like souvenirs of people’s lives,” explains twenty-three-year-old, Braedon Horbacio, lead singer, songwriter, and producer of Panicland. 

The Winnipeg-based band, who’ve been performing since their pre-teens, have spent the last few years skillfully building a brand that centers around music as a form of souvenirs. Horbacio and his bandmates Riley Horbacio (guitar), Travis Hunnie (drums), and Ian Willmer (bass) wear vintage souvenir jackets, they record at Horbacio’s home studio, nicknamed the Souvenir Shop, and they plan on releasing music under their own record label, Souvenir Records. 

The band’s latest single, “Wasted”, is a heartfelt track that traces the highs and lows of a relationship. It’s noticeably different from Panicland’s previous singles, like 2016’s “Bad Word”, which reached #26 on the Billboard Top 40 Canadian Singles Chart in 2016. 

“I started recording songs on the side for my own personal enjoyment,” says Braedon on the line from Winnipeg. “[I was] pretending to be in a completely different band, an alter ego band called The Janes. [I wrote] songs that I didn’t think other people would like, but songs that I liked, and that’s where a lot of our best songs came from.”

“Wasted” was initially written for only one person to hear. Braedon was making a mixed tape but couldn’t find a song that expressed how he felt, so he wrote one. He recorded the song in less than an hour, sent it, and moved on. Months later the band heard “Wasted” and loved it. Panicland decided to release the original demo from that night. Listen to “Wasted” below. 

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