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Something Like a Phenomenon

Take a dash of James Dean rebel, add a sprinkle of Cherie Currie sexy, a pinch of Pat Benatar vocals, and a whole lot a hair and what do you get? Sky Ferreira – something like a phenomenon.


Sales and Saving

Between surfing in Australia, touring around the world, and recording her album in a studio at home amidst a blueberry farm, you might think you’ve stumbled into a fairy tale. Amazingly enough, the free-spirited, marine life-loving Hayley Sales simply calls this fairy tale, her life.


The Disease of Love

Hailing all the way from Helsinki, Finland, the boys of HIM launched this year with their seventh studio album, Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice Chapters 1-13.

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Spontaneous Moments of Inspiration

Throngs of excited girls and their mothers make up a mind-bogglingly long line in the atrium of a concert venue. Snaking on for what looks like miles, the line is buzzing with chatter about the show just prior.