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All Aboard the Train Show

An older than usual crowd packed the Commodore Ballroom last night and if you didn’t know better you might have thought it was for some sort of reunion. In some ways though, it was like a reunion. It has been four years since Train played a show in Vancouver and over a decade since they first launched into massive mainstream success with songs like “Meet Virginia” and the Grammy-winning “Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)”.

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Forecast Calls for Hedley

With a loud crash, the crowd was stunned long enough for a split second of silence before ear-shattering screams broke out. Canada’s favourite pranksters, Jacob, Tommy, Dave and Chris, better known as Hedley, were back in BC playing for a hometown crowd.

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Automatic Loveletter

We’ve all gone through heart break if not heart ache at one time or another, and for those of us who are done listening to sad, sappy tunes, Automatic Loveletter (A.LL) has you covered.


Burnaby Boy Returns Home

Up in the Captains Room at Rogers Arena a room full of journalists, reporters, cameramen, and photographers patiently wait for Canadian superstar Michael Bublé.

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A Critical Shot to the Heart

You know when you come across one of those voices that just stop people in their tracks? The kind of voice that is raw and powerful with a hint of attitude and just the right dose of raspiness. That voice is Juilet Simms of Automatic Loveletter.