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So Good You Have to Say it Twice: Mother Mother

Judging from the mass turnout of teenage Vancouverites that collected at the Vogue Theatre’s front stage, it could have been a Taylor Swift or a Justin Bieber concert. Thankfully they were instead loyal fans of the Canadian indie-pop/rock sensation Mother Mother, proving that even youngsters can have a mature and seasoned taste in music.

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Spreading a little ‘Joy’

Out of all the generic pop tunes littering the airwaves these days and an excessive tendency to market young entertainers through a fire storm of controversial stunts, comes an artist who has steered her way through success early on in her teens and continues to rise above all the media fodder without compromise.


Long Live Foals and Their British Sense of Humour

Indie-rock musicians are known for being moody, serious and so self-introspective that their social skills border ineptitude. Come across one that parlays such incredible wit and humor and you have a rarity. Come across a few more and you have the boys of Foals.


Rough Love

Despite the wearisome task of traveling by van across the massive expanse known as Canada, there is an unmistakable sparkle and glow of ambition ever so present among the boys of Sandman Viper Command.


More Fabulous than Killjoy

If you are expecting to see a deathly dark performance by My Chemical Romance on their current North American tour, their new kaleidoscope of color might just burst your bubble.