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The Rikers Club

He was dressed, of course, in a leather jacket. He wore his hair in a messy Mohawk with a feather hanging lazily to one side, and every time he gestured with his hands, the metal bracelets around his wrists jingled. Yeah, I’m in the presence of a rock star.


One for the ginger

Laid back and habitually dressed in a solid hoodie, you wouldn’t have guessed that Ed Sheeran can command a legion of loyal fans from adolescent girls to university crowds around the world.


‘Prove Them Wrong’

Fresh from the Juno awards, electronic musician Lights headed west this week to visit Alpha Secondary School to celebrate their win of $12,000 worth of music gear, thanks to MusiCounts, Roland Canada, and SiriusXM Canada.

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Lights Helps Celebrate First Ever MusiCounts Roland Jam Pak

MusiCounts, Roland Canada, SiriusXM Canada and Lights, visited Alpha Secondary School in Burnaby, BC to celebrate the school being awarded the first ever MusiCounts Roland Jam Pak, presented by SiriusXM Canada. The $12,000 Roland Jam Pak included a drum kit, digital piano, synthesizer, amps and a number of accessories to […]