MusiCounts, Roland Canada, SiriusXM Canada and Lights, visited Alpha Secondary School in Burnaby, BC to celebrate the school being awarded the first ever MusiCounts Roland Jam Pak, presented by SiriusXM Canada. The $12,000 Roland Jam Pak included a drum kit, digital piano, synthesizer, amps and a number of accessories to add to the school’s instrument collection and music program.

“I’m excited to be able to celebrate a prize like this being awarded to Alpha Secondary School,” said Lights. “It’s important for students to have the opportunity to learn how to create music and experience the release it provides. The equipment provided by the Roland Jam Pak gives them that opportunity.”

The Roland Jam Pak will ensure that every music student at Alpha will be given an equal opportunity to practice, rehearse, and perform music for many years to come,” said Paul Dudley, Department Head, Visual and Performing Arts, Alpha Secondary.

The Roland Jam Pak will be used regularly by students to assist them in the technology/composition course. With these instruments, students will be able to fully utilize their composition processes and will be able to expand the use of the Roland Jam Pak through various performances and school concerts. This incredible prize from MusiCounts, Roland, and SiriusXM Canada allow families who typically could not afford an instrument for their child to now have a golden opportunity to be involved in a music program.

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