Success often walks hand-in-hand with giant egos and pretentious attitudes, but for Canadian artist Leif Vollebekk success seems to fuel his modesty.

The roots of Vollebekk’s journey began half way around the world in Reykjavik, Iceland, where he spent a year studying philosophy. Vollebekk returned home to Montreal with a handful of songs that would eventually make up part of his debut album Inland.

In 2008 Vollebekk self-released Inland. The record – written, recorded, and produced by Vollebekk- was greeted with a slew of positive reviews and favourable comparisons to folk legend Bob Dylan. Inspired by the 60’s and 70’s, Vollebekk’s acoustic guitar, harmonica, and authentic storytelling has resonated with thousands from across the world, but despite his success Vollebekk remains grounded with his feet firmly on the floor. His carefree attitude, genuine modestly, and laid back approach to the music industry provide a refreshing throwback to earlier decades.

Leif Vollebekk courtesy of Nevado Records

Vollebekk’s built up success without relying on gimmicks, cheap tricks, or heavily tapping into the gold mine that is social media, instead raw talent, hard work, and a little bit of luck have carried him far this industry.

“Social media stresses me out to no end,” laughs Vollebekk, who sports bare minimum when it comes to social media.

“Twitters like hell for me. I can’t do it, can’t deal with that. I miss that pre-communication time when I would have time just to be in the moment with someone. To add talking to people I can’t see and to put out information, other than my records, makes me really uneasy. I like to have my own space and be alone. At least for now I don’t see how I could do it.”

After a quick breather, Vollebekk plans to head back into the studio to work on his follow up album.

“The record is mostly done,” explains Vollebekk. “The songs that are done are finished, it just needs more meat. I’m going to write a few more songs and maybe finish it but there’s no rush to get it out because nobody cares.”

Careful not to insult anyone he adds, “I mean on the business side stocks aren’t falling because I’m not putting it out.”

Vollebekk will spend the next month recording and relaxing before hitting the road in early September.

Tour Dates

09.04.10               Agora Des Arts                                  Montreal, QC
09.12.10               End of the Road Festival                   North Dorset, UK
09.30.10               Metropolis                                        Montreal, QC
10.01.10               Casa Del Popolo                                 Montreal, QC
10.13.10               The Echo                                           Los Angeles, CA
10.14.10               Cafe De Nord                                     San Francisco, CA
10.16.10               Doug Fir                                             Portland, OR
10.17.10               High Dive                                           Seattle, WA
10.20.10               Lucky Bar                                            Victoria, BC
10.21.10               The Biltmore Cabaret                           Vancouver, BC
10.23.10               Starlite Room                                      Edmonton, AB
10.24.10               Republik                                             Calgary, AB
10.26.10               Amigos                                               Saskatoon, SK
10.27.10               Park Theatre                                       Winnipeg, MB
10.29.10               Lop Lops                                             Sault Ste. Marie, ON


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