Anyone who is a true fan of musical artistry is always on the hunt for something new, something fresh, something inspiring. In all of these categories, KO delivers. Since the release of his 2009 debut album Let’s Blaze, he has given fans a unique blend of rock and hip hop, as it’s never been heard before.
KO’s beginnings were bumpy, but despite his struggles, his work has given him the ability to communicate a message of both strength and hope through meaningful lyrics and raw hip hop beats. Though he always had a love for great music, including artists such as Ani DiFranco and Van Morrison, KO was really inspired after spending some time in rehab. While he was there he wanted to draw from his experiences and from what was right in front of him. He wrote songs like Moving Mountains with a message of conquering demons and rising above them. His music has something for everyone in it, and that was his goal, to give fans something to relate to and connect with. If there is anyone to check out it’s KO.

Tour Dates

09.23.10      Shark Club                                Vancouver,BC
09.24.10      Rifflandia Music Festival            Victoria, BC
09.30.10      CASBY Awards                           Toronto, ON
10.10.10      Rocktoberfest                           Kitchener, ON

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