With a voice that can melt a thousand hearts, Tyler Hilton is back with new material to serenade the soundtrack of your life. To say the making of Hilton’s new album was a challenge is no understatement. The project that was supposed to follow-up 2004’s The Tracks Of was to be called The Storms We Share. Hilton worked on the album for five years before the project was scrapped. Thankfully, a blank slate and a new direction was the best remedy. Out of the scrapped project came Forget the Storm.

Forget the Storm opens with “Kicking My Heels”, an attention grabbing pop rock tune followed by “Prince of Nothing Charming” and “Loaded Gun”, both of which fans may recognized from being featured on the CW’s One Tree Hill. The album is filled with lyrically relatable tracks and catchy choruses that command to be sung along to.

When asked about his writing process and whether he knows exactly what he wants to say with each song, Hilton responds, “I have an idea of what I want to say, but sometimes I understand things about the song differently as time goes on. It’s so strange how that continues to happen with so many of my songs.  But, then, you know, it happens with all of us with songs we didn’t write too like listening to a Beach Boys song when you are a kid and the different way you hear it when you’re older.”

Hilton recently created his own record label, Hooptie Tune Records, which Forget the Storm was released on. One of the perks that come with having your own record label is more freedom to initiate spontaneous projects. Upon finding an unmarked CD at the bottom of his guitar case, Hilton curiously popped it into a player for a listen. Turns out the sound engineer had recorded the entirety of his Atlanta show. The end result? The release of the Live in Atlanta CD.

In addition to music, Hilton is often recognized for his talents in the acting arena. Hilton had a reoccurring role as the scheming, yet redeeming Chris Keller on One Tree Hill and as Elvis Presley in 2005’s Walk the Line. Being no stranger to having his music paired with television, we asked Hilton when the last time music paired with a television scene affected him emotionally. He answers, “Parenthood does that really well. I’m watching that on Netflix right now and it seems like I’m Shazaming something every episode. One Tree Hill used music really well too, I think.”

Although music has always been Hilton’s first passion, he’s a natural when it comes to acting. Having both creative outlets “takes the pressure off,” says Hilton. He continues, “I like knowing if I’m dry creatively in one area, I can really pour myself into the other.”

Braving the storms this holiday season, Hilton will be hitting the road with Howie Day on a North American tour. For fans that want an extra special concert experience, Hilton is offering VIP upgrades at select cities, which will include an exclusive preshow acoustic set.

And if you don’t manage to catch him on this tour, fret not. Hilton’s website is full of exclusive videos, and personal thoughts and scribbles. Regarding his highly personalized website and his relationship with fans, Hilton says, “I like the idea of letting people in on what I think is funny or interesting, or what I’m doing on my way to them or away from them on tour.” Anyone who has visited Hilton’s Instagram can attest to how hilarious of a guy he is.

A sense of humor, solid acting chops, and a voice that can melt your heart, it is no wonder Hilton’s success is one that keeps building and surpassing expectations. When asked whether he is satisfied with his accomplishments thus far, Hilton replies, “I’m satisfied with things I never in a million years would have thought would matter to me when I was younger…I’ll never stop looking forward and I think a part of me loves being on my way to something. I have no delusions about needing to arrive some place. I’m pretty sure that “place” is going to keep changing and the chase is part of the fun for me.”

Catch Tyler Hilton with Howie Day December 15th at the Railway Club in Vancouver, BC.

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