What’s the best way to seek vengeance after your significant other reportedly cheats on you with Elvis’s granddaughter? You write the ultimate revenge song that publically calls them out and let’s the world know that “revenge is sweeter” than they ever were. Lisa Origliasso – better known as one half of the electro pop-rock band, The Veronicas, co-wrote the track “Revenge is Sweeter” as a therapeutic way for her to “finally get over and the anger that [she] held on for that entire relationship and just let it go.”

Twenty four year old Australian twin sisters Jess and Lisa released their catchy, hook heavy, sophomore record Hook Me Up in 2007; nearly two years later the rest of the world is starting to catch on as these two Brisbane natives have exploded, hitting mainstream success and selling out headlining shows across North America.

“It has been a very organic thing because we starting with no one knowing who we were. Then when “Untouched” was a hit that’s when we started to see the biggest difference,” explains Lisa seated comfortably in her tour bus. “We’ve done a lot of TV back home in Australia but when you start doing these massive shows in America its just like – Oh my gosh. Daunting you know?”

The two now live in America – splitting their time between LA and Brisbane- however, Lisa confesses breaking into Hollywood isn’t all its cracked up to be. “It’s a very different world for me. They say that LA isn’t really even America. I mean were living in a celebrity obsessed world [and] as we’ve started to gain that ‘celebrity status’ as they say, it’s like your name gets you everywhere and that’s kind of the way Hollywood works. It’s weird for us because we didn’t grow up in that.”

Currently touring through the US and Canada in support of Hook Me Up Lisa explains the girls are “still very focused on this record. Its funny this record Hook me Up hit in Australia like two years ago now. We’re just releasing in the UK we’re getting to release it in Japan, [and] it’s just starting to gain momentum here in the states.”

In this fickle industry where audiences have a ten second attention span and new artists are constantly being dubbed the next ‘it’ band, two years is a long time to go in between records. However, Lisa admits, “I don’t even know what were thinking for the next record. It’s going to be slightly different because as far as our songwriting goes and things that inspire us musically are always evolving and changing. I can’t even tell you tell you where we’re going to go with it because Jess and I are listening to different types of music from each other even. I’d say there’s going to be a few more punch ups between me and her on what we decide on but I think it’ll be interesting.”

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