Between surfing in Australia, touring around the world, and recording her album in a studio at home amidst a blueberry farm, you might think you’ve stumbled into a fairy tale. Amazingly enough, the free-spirited, marine life-loving Hayley Sales simply calls this fairy tale, her life.

It seems that Sales’ two passions – nature and music – have combined in perfect harmony resulting in her second studio album When the Bird Became a Book.

 "Nothing is as it seems." - Sales on her new record, When the Bird Became a Book.
“Nothing is as it seems.” – Sales on her new record, When the Bird Became a Book.

The album, which contains soft and smooth Colbie Caillat-like vocals and toe-tapping, head bobbing Jack Johnson- like beats is “a naked representation of where my mind’s at,” describes Sales. All this is mixed with a distinctive, but subtle pop sound that’ll keep anyone humming along in carefree spirits for weeks to come. 

The album says Sales, “is about realizing that nothing is as it seems, to never take things at face value and to enjoy life”.

Don’t let Sales’ refreshing, worry-free attitude deceive you. Her songs are laced with a social consciousness that would make any activist proud. Most recently, the track “Not in his Garden” inspired a fan-made Youtube video depicting a crash course on oil and its devastating, destructive effects.

“It was a fan who made it which is really amazing,” explains Sales. “I was astounded by how perfect it was and how powerful it was.”

No stranger to environmental causes herself (her website is littered with links to different organizations), Sales states that people don’t have to be afraid of the term activist.

Hayley Sales
Hayley Sales

Activism “means to act upon your passions and I do think definitely there are people that assume you are going to chain yourself to a tree. That has its own place, but to me being an activist is actually feeling like you can do something and doing it even if it’s little – just caring really.”

Even with her active role in saving the world, Sales lets her music speak for itself.

“I love that [music] does not tell people what to think,” explains Sales. “I love that it just potentially inspires people to think their own ideas or have their own revelations. People can take away from that whatever they want.”

Up next for Sales is the international release of When the Bird Became a Book followed by shows around the world.

“I’ll be globetrotting, which is awesome,” exclaims Sales. “It’s my favourite thing to do.”

Sales surfs, sings, and is saving the world one song at a time. Environmental activism has never looked so appealing. How can anyone resist jumping on board?

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