True to Everlea’s reputation for being one of the friendliest bands in the biz, they appear to also be one of the most gracious and hard working. I caught up with Justin Dubé, lead singer of Toronto-based Everlea, in the middle of rehearsal. Did I mention that this is the day after the band, which includes Casey Shea on guitar, Brendan Soares on drums, and Pat MacLean on bass, headlined their first show at the MOD Club in Toronto? Although the show was a success, Dubé confesses, it was “pretty nerve-racking.” It is unusual and endearing, hearing guys who rock out on stage to so many people regularly admit to being nervous.


“It’s the most rewarding thing when you can actually meet a person, give them a sticker, and tell them to check your band out,” says Dubé. “I think it’s the best way to go about it. It’s pretty empowering.” Dubé also admits with a laugh, that is, “once you get over your fear of rejection.”

Everlea, having opened for the likes of Marianas Trench and Taking Back Sunday, whom Dubé states is “a dream come true”, isn’t afraid to credit those artists who has pushed them to step up their game. Dubé says of fellow Canadian, LIGHTS, “Touring with [her] showed me that, because she such a great singer. It really opened my eyes to the fact that your vocals need to be really, really good if you want to be playing at that professional level. It spurred us to work hard at our craft.”

And working hard they certainly have been. The new music video for their single, “Cigarettes” was just completed and is already getting exposure on In the video, the melodic track is set to a black and white beach backdrop, generating a relaxed and soothing atmosphere.

“That has to do with people, and faith and facing fears…and overcoming things,” explains Dubé. “That’s when the world turns to colour.”


“Having a sense of humour is really important,” says Dubé. “Being in a band can be pretty trying at times and it’s a struggle – dealing with a van that’s always breaking down, crazy drives and snow storms and all that. If you can’t laugh at playing a show or its negative fifty-two outside and the heater is broken at a venue, then we probably wouldn’t be in a band anymore.”

The guys are currently back in studio, working on a new album expected to drop next summer. For the fans that can’t wait quite that long, no need to worry. Everlea will be putting together an acoustic EP consisting of unreleased material, as well as new tracks.

“We have some really strong acoustic songs that don’t really make it to the stage because we want to rock it out,” explains Dubé.

The EP, which is expected to come out early next year, will showcase this softer, acoustic side of the band.

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