Delhi 2 Dublin just released their new album, We Got This. We caught up with the band the talk new music, positivity, and diversity in mainstream music.

Your new album, We got this, is out now. Congratulations! What can you tell us about it?

Sanjay Seran: Thank you! Firstly, I think it’s the best record we’ve ever put out, so that’s pretty huge! And I really believe that this is the album the universe has been waiting for us to put out. What I mean by that is that we have written an album that at the core really captures the essence of Delhi 2 Dublin. The messaging is very positive, and aligned with the vibe we have been putting out since day one but this time it’s more accessible because it’s mostly in English and presented in a pop format which really just means it’s catchy AF ‘cuz it’s full of hooks.

Many of the tracks on the new album, “My people”, “We got this,” “Home”, “LOVE”, and “Happen”, are rooted in positivity and/or social consciousness. They’re empowering, inclusive, and encouraging. Can you tell us about your song writing process for this album?

I think you’ve nailed it right there. We set out to write songs that were exactly that, empowering, inclusive, and encouraging in a time that might seem not so awesome. It’s pretty dark and shitty out there at the moment, especially south of our border, but we need to focus on the good, focus on all the people we meet all over the world that are doing amazing things. The dark is just a part of the light, so we decided to amplify that message and embrace this time, embrace connectivity through positivity to get us through this dark period in time.

Aside from, “weed, samosas, & sriracha,” what else are a few of your favourite things?

Bongs, vapes, and munchies! For real though, singing songs in front of large audiences is my absolute favorite thing and I’ve made a career out of that. I’m so fucking lucky! I also love cars. Sometimes there is nothing like a nice quiet night with my laptop checking out old skool JDM car porn… gotta love it!

As a band with a very distinct sound, have you found it difficult to create space within the mainstream music industry?

Yes 100 per cent! We had to write an album in mostly English for us to change this and to even have a chance with mainstream media here. Canada is not even close to being ready to play anything that doesn’t fit the mainstream mold. I mean here on the west coast in Vancouver we don’t even have an “urban” or hip-hop station, so you can imagine there is no hope in hell that you would hear an electronic Bhangra band on the airwaves! We changed our sound because we believe so strongly that our message needs to be heard and not just to a niche group of folks but to the masses so I’m OK with it… besides as I said earlier, it has resulted in our best album yet. The flow knows, and this time we listened.

Tarun has been vocal about racism and the lack of cultural diversity in the industry, and Canada operates under the Multiculturalism Act, which further complicates racism in our nation. What’s been your experience in recent years? Are things getting better?

Tarun Nayar: I think in some ways things are getting better. It’s amazing to see the attention paid to Indigenous artists by CBC. It’s amazing to see larger funding bodies like the Canada Council and BC Arts Council begin to change course and at least pay lip service to the idea of diversifying their recipient bases a little. I’m even more enthused by orgs like Creative BC and FACTOR because I can see real change there. But at the end of the day, the power in the Canadian music industry – from media to promoters, to managers and agents – rests largely in the hands of old white dudes, and there hasn’t been much change. I think it’s time we woke up to the fact that many of Canada’s biggest stars come from immigrant families and aren’t white dudes. We need to embrace the reality of our country and where our future creativity will come from and reach WAY outside our comfort zone to include communities that have been underserved.

What’s next for Delhi 2 Dublin?

We’re just sitting back and chillin’ now. Watching the set-up of the release of this record. We’ve already worked out the new live show and incorporated in all the new songs off the album and road tested them with our new visuals and all so we’re in a good place going into festival season. I think now it’s just a waiting game to see the results of all the hard work we have put in to this album over the last three years. It’s pretty exciting! Other than that, I think it’s time we work on some amazing collaborations and start working up some remixes to put out the way that D2D does.

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