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20 Going on 27

If you were to hear Kim Wempe’s low husky voice, chorusing the old-soul lyrics of her folk-roots songs, you would never imagine that she is only 27 years-old. More perplexing is the fact that she only looks about 20.

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Spreading a little ‘Joy’

Out of all the generic pop tunes littering the airwaves these days and an excessive tendency to market young entertainers through a fire storm of controversial stunts, comes an artist who has steered her way through success early on in her teens and continues to rise above all the media fodder without compromise.

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Nestled in a modest dressing room underneath the Vogue Theatre and dressed comfortably in jeans, sneakers and a striped Henley, Justin Nozuka relaxes and appears as calm as ever just before his headlining show in Vancouver.