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Cinderella Man

Sounding almost prophetic, the Trevor Guthrie written, Armin van Buuren produced hit, ‘This Is What It Feels Like’ seems quite the appropriate song title given that Guthrie now knows exactly how it feels like to be back in the limelight.

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When you’ve just released your forth studio album internationally to a legion of die hard fans, when you’ve performed over four hundred shows within a three year span in support of your last record, when you’ve been around for the past twelve years and are still going strong, rock star doesn’t quite cover it.

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Talent Prevails

“This is going to be our twentieth year as a band,” shouts Benjamin Kowalewicz from the stage of the Coliseum. It’s the first stop on Billy Talent’s Dead Silence Tour across Canada and the crowd could not be more thrilled. Even though the band formed back in 1993, it wasn’t until a whole decade later that their self-titled album first hit the shelves. Since then, three addition albums have been released including their latest, Dead Silence.