With gigs alongside metal legends and tours circling the globe, the guys from Black Tide already have the kind of career most musicians dream of but for them it all began before the age of 20.

On a recent stop in Vancouver in support of Bullet for My Valentine, bassist Zakk Sandler and drummer Steven Spence sat down and to talk touring, fans, and their upcoming album.

Getting into the music industry at such a young age has given these hard-working musicians a taste of a life that few others ever see.

“It’s not pretty,” reveals Sandler. “It’s not glamour and glitz twenty four seven.” But through it all, this is what these guys love to do.

“When work is passion, it’s not work,” explains Spence.

And for Black Tide, music is their passion.

Although hard work is what’s got them this far, there are some definite perks to the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle – travelling across the globe being one of them.

“The people are just so nice and respectful and the architecture is amazing in Tokyo,” explains Spence. “It’s just a different world.” Norway also stuck in his mind for its sheer beauty.

But, it isn’t just the touring that has these guys excited, it’s the fans, too. Knowing that the fans are what make the musician, Black Tide has embraced the chance to reach out to fans. Filming vlogs while in studio recording their forthcoming album and personally interacting with fans through Twitter and Facebook is something the guys are more than happy to do.

Black Tide at the Commodore Ballroom, Oct 20th, 2010.

“It’s a great way to get out there and get a hold of your fans and reach out to them and let them know where we are,” explains Spence.

Having spent over a year working on their new album, Black Tide has finally been able to get some real live feedback on their new material.

“It’s been pretty damn positive,” says Sandler leaving him confident in the upcoming album and the new direction their sound has taken.

“As musicians we can only do the best that we can and work our hardest, which we did for the past year on this record and hopefully the fans will be receptive to it.”

In the two years since the release of Black Tide’s debut, Light from Above, the band has had a chance to grow and mature, something that Spence hopes to bring across on the new album.

“We’re an actual band now,” says Spence. “We’ve toured with other bands, hundreds of bands. We’ve been out and experienced so many things. We’ve matured. Just that alone will make you better. We’ve become better musicians and that shows on our new record.”

Although the title and release date of the forthcoming album have yet to be decided, the lead single, “Bury Me”, is available now.

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