On Warped tour…
Travis Clark: It’s like a summer camp for bands. You get to hang out with all your best friends and play live and write new songs with people. I’d say the worst part is there’s really long drives.
Hunter Thomsen: And Porta-Pottys.

On being Pranksters…
T.C: We lit someone of fire once. That was less prank and more vandalism. They weren’t fully on fire. We painted a [bands] whole van and trailer. It was a burgundy coloured van and we spray painted it bright green and put bright orange racing stripes on it.

H.T: It was while we were in Canada, so them getting back into the boarder was interesting for them. I’ve kicked out Mayday Parades window in the middle of winter.

On retaliation…
T.C: [The Band] put like the girly pad things- not tampons but pads all over our bus- on the TV, hundreds and hundreds of pads all over our bus and we were like – we didn’t know what they were- ‘Oh, this is gross’. They always get us back. I think we take our pranks a little too far, that might be our flaw.

On Kings Carriage…
T.C: [Dan Duncan] has theses creative ideas to do like a reality TV show. It gives people an idea of who we are as people. And that way they understand the music a little more because it they understand they music as ridiculous, they’ll understand us as ridiculous people.[Danny] comes up with these ideas and we film it and pretty much just all giggle around a computer as he’s editing it and just laugh at what’s going on. And people have liked it, and so we just kept on doing it.

On their ideal line up:
H.T: The Beatles but there half dead.

T.C: I would want to tour with a band that was completely was unlike We the Kings music, like a reggae band. Like John Legend or something like that. Lil’ Wayne. We’d tour with Lil’ Wayne.

H.T: I would tour with Underoath because I like watching them everyday.

On Making friends in the Business…
H.T: We have some good, good tours and we bonded with bands, almost like a brothership. It’s really cool when that happens. We went to the UK this past time and we had a band come on tour with us called Out of Sight and we got along with those dudes better than we’ve gotten along with anybody. It’s like two different cultures colliding- it was awesome.

T.C: Outside them, our first tour was with Boys like Girls and they were awesome too. The Academy is…, All Time Low, Hey Monday.

H.T: Cartel was really fun to tour with.

T.C: Forever the Sickest Kids…

H.T: We get along with people pretty well.

On the dangers of rock ‘n’ roll:
T.C: For five a half minutes I was stuck in a porta potty. That little latch didn’t work and so went I went in I shut the door and make it go green or red or whichever. Then I went to the bathroom and when I went to get out it broke or came off the thing, so it was permanently locked. So, I immediately started panicking, like, ‘Oh my gosh! I’m going to be stuck in a porta-potty for the rest of my life!’ I was pounding on the door, I was like, ‘Help me!” and then I loosened something up and it opened. It was a very scary moment of my life.</span style=”line-height: 115%; font-family: ‘Trebuchet MS’,’sans-serif’; font-size: 10pt;”>

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