On Michael Jackson: “He is our biggest idol and hero and such an inspiration for us growing up- our biggest inspiration musically. He’s always going to be remembered through his music. [I’m] obviously completely heartbroken. We idolized him. He was the one that really inspired us to listen to music[and] want to pursue music as a career. His music spoke to us more so than anyone else”

On Performing at Miss USA: “[Being there] was a bit of a novelty to us – because we’re like ‘how funny,’ we’re like five foot and these women are like seven feet tall with these long beautiful ball gowns – but there all really sweet.”

On Breaking Down the Numbers: “We did the Jonas Brothers tour last year. That was to 30,000 kids. Those were the biggest shows we’ve ever played. As far as our own headlining shows, at this point we play anywhere from 800-1,500 kids a night, which is still pretty big. These days it’s a hard thing to do to get that many people to a show. We’re just loving it.”

Favorite Song off Hook Me Up: “Untouched”

On Recording “Popular”: “Jess started doing this rap and basically it came from us trying to be funny and silly. We were poking fun at the way celebrities were seen these days and the power they have.”

On Vancouver: “I love it. I love it. When we were travelling the world [Vancouver was] the first place I related to that seemed the most like home. We’re from Brisbane, Australia and it had the same kind of air to it almost. I loved it.”

The story behind “Revenge is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)”: “‘Revenge is sweeter (Than you Ever Were)’–that’s my baby that one. Very therapeutic. It’s the most personal song on the record to me. Toby (co writer) [ and I ] hadn’t seen [each other] in a while so [Jess and I] were literally updating him with all the gossip that’s been going on in our lives and we came to a certain relationship of mine and he’s like lets write about it. And I’m like – ‘uggh okay’. We starting writing the verses and it was almost like literally word for word a reencounter of what I’d gone through.

On being Wildlife Ambassadors: There are so many charities out there we try to be involved in as many as we can. Wildlife Warriors is one that we really hits home for us because it’s protecting wildlife, especially Australia wildlife. We wanted to get the message out to our generation that anyone can help save our wildlife. Or get the message out of what you can do to help. I think there’s a lot of kids who are passionate about animals but they just don’t know what they can do.

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