We caught up with Stereos singer Patrick Kordyback and guitarist Robert Chalifoux to chat about shedding their reality TV past, mean celebrities, and the real inspiration behind “She Only Likes Me When She’s Drunk”.

Pat on the bands reality TV beginnings: We don’t regret Disbanded. Everything that it’s brought us has been absolutely amazing and we owe the world to it. We’re in our 20’s. I think we’re pretty cool guys. The band doesn’t need to just be the reality show thing.

Pat on happy accidents: We wrote Uncontrollable by accident. We weren’t writing for anything, just writing songs for fun. Songs to dance to because that’s what I like to hear and listen to. It got to the point where we had 20 songs and made an album. The record is way more genuine because we wrote it for us.

Pat on the best place in the world: Havana is one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to.

Pat on why he likes clubs: A club is still one of the only places you can go where the music matters as much as anything else. Crowds react to the music in the most genuine way.

Pat on ‘kiddie’ bands: It’s been very refreshing to go down to the states and have older guys and girls like us. We’re not a little kid band. All we relied on was our live show and it has been years since we had a new audience who knows nothing about us.

Pat on the real inspiration behind “She Only likes me When she’s Drunk”: The actions describe me better. It’s more about me. I think everyone can relate to having a relationship kick-started by being under the influence of alcohol.

Robb on his signature dance move: It’s called the Crane. I invented it. It’s evolved. I’ve got some sort of fist pump in it now, but the Crane goes back like seven years.

Robb on mean celebrities: I met Alexander Ovechkin and he was super mean to me. I met him at the Much Music Video Awards a few years and went rushing up to him. Ten words came rushing out of my mouth. I don’t think he had time for a little kid to snap a picture with him and that is what I wanted to do.

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