We caught up with Canadian hip hop artists Shad to talk about who sets his standard for live music, his pursuit for a masters degree, and his upcoming album.

On Warped Tour:
Shad: It’s been cool. It’s the longest tour that we’ve ever done. You have a lot of free time- when we play about half and hour- you have a lot of time to hang out. Unfortunately, sometimes were not close to downtown – suburb or some parking lot- so we run out of things to do.

On the possibility of being a T.A:
Shad: I don’t really have time, nor am I an expert at anything that I could TA. I’m just taking some courses and I like it.

On bus mates Alexisonfire:
Shad: There awesome. I’m glad we went out with them- very chilled out and we have a lot in common- it’s been cool, [and] we’ve gotten along great from the start.

On the Roots:
Shad: There’re kind of the standard for live music. I would like to just watch them every night and see what they do, and talk to them, and learn some things.

On How to Make a Good Record:
Shad: I like working with people I know and people in my vicinity. I feel it makes for something more natural, organic, and simpler. I think any kind of relationship is about listening and kind of separating yourself from it. Kind of separating yourself from what you make and saying how do we make the best song possible? How do we bring out what is best as oppose to [serving] our own ego.

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