PopCounter Culture caught up with MC Bucky from Down With Webster to chat about the bands upcoming album, budding egos, and their number one goal.

On making a career out of a hobby: “Our self- titled EP was what started our initial buzz and push. It allowed us to take the band from something fun to something we could actually make a living out of and do something special with.”

On budding egos: “We young kids living life. Our attitude can boarder on cockiness but we all still feel so grateful for what we’re doing. Nobody is acting like their king shit.”

On reaching the top: “There hasn’t been a moment of normalcy or sustainability within our music. It’s been an ongoing climb. Now we’re just getting to the top of the stairs where people can see us and where we want to be.”

On kind words from music heavyweights: “It’s been really cool to have Gene Simmons and Timbaland give us kudos. It’s overwhelming, but very powerful.”

On making it: “There hasn’t been one of those career defining moments. Everyday just keeps getting better and better. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.”

On standing their ground: “Everything we’ve done has been our way or the highway type of thing. We’ve had such a growing success doing it on our own that labels don’t try to push or force anything out of us.”

On future plans: “We’re going to be finishing up Time to Win, Vol.II over Christmas break. Hopefully, once that’s done we’re going to be going out on a cross Canada headlining tour and after that hopefully world domination.”

On their number one goal: “All we want to do is have a sustainable life playing and creating music for people. No one wants to take over the world. If we could just have a normal existence playing music for everyone we would be completely satisfied.”


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