We caught up with Kyle and David to talk about the new record, ‘keeping it real’, and ‘accidental’ success.

On the accident that snowballed into Breathe Carolina:
David Schmitt: We had known each other for a while. [Kyle and I] played in different bands growing up. [Kyle] was in a band with my old drummer and I ended up moving in.

One day we got snowed in actually at our house and we made a song together. We kept making more songs and we were like, ‘lets just put it on the internet and lets see what happens.’ It was kind of an accident.

On the New Record:
Kyle Even: Honestly I wouldn’t expect anything. It’s so different than anything we have done. I think we wanted to make an album for anybody- there’s a song on there for anybody who listens to any style of music- at least I would hope so.

On Recording:
D.S: It took us two to two and a half days to do each song. We did everything for it. We did the beats and the drums; we made all the songs on acoustic guitar before we recorded them, so we structured it that way and we kind of went with it.

K.E: Sometimes the guitar would stay guitar. Sometimes the guitar would turn into a key part. It’s cool that we can now go back and play every single song acoustic, where as we couldn’t do that before.

On Their Miley Cyrus Cover “See You Again”:
K.E: We had talked about doing it as a cover before [and] when fearless approached us about doing a song for “Punk goes Pop 2” we were like, ‘lets just do it man!’

On the Secrets for success:
K.E: Just being real; real and honest

On their Ideal Touring Mates:
K.E: AFI or Blink 182
D.S: Blink

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