We’ve all gone through heart break if not heart ache at one time or another, and for those of us who are done listening to sad, sappy tunes, Automatic Loveletter (A.LL) has you covered. Their first single “Heart Song”, off their new full length album, is laced with a catchy hook, loud chords, heavy drums, and bound to pick any a broken-hearted soul up off the ground.

Automatic Loveletter, Florida’s latest export, is fronted by Juliet Simms on vocals, and my what vocals she has, Tommy Simms on guitar, Clint Fowler on bass, Ryan Metcalf on drums, and most endearingly listed on their MySpace page, the fans on hand-clapping and backing vocals.

The new album, Truth or Dare, is described by Juliet Simms as a “roller coaster of emotion and dynamics.” She continues, “[We wanted] to create an album where each song was different from the next – in feel, story, concept and melody.”

Not only did A.LL want the songs on the album to differ from one another, they wanted their first single to stand out from other bands too. A smart move since many bands and artists have the tendency to choose upbeat danceable pop tunes to break in listeners (i.e. Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” or Maroon 5’s “Misery”).

“‘Heart Song’ stood out from all the rest and we felt like it would be a song that would set us apart from other bands,” says Simms.

If “Heart Song” isn’t enough to set A.LL apart from other bands, the music video will surly do the trick. Directed by Chad Feehan (All the Boys Love Mandy Lane; Wake) and shot with an 8mm camera, the video is described by Simms as a combination of “From Dusk till Dawn meets Rob Zombie meets ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’.”

Aside from the new album release, A.LL has been busy on the road touring venues large and small including this year’s Vans Warped Tour. Even the most gruelling of schedules don’t faze Simms. She says, “I love being in a new city everyday not the mention getting to do what I love everyday.”

The fans are definitely reciprocating all the love. To date A.LL has over 97,000 fans on MySpace alone. Don’t be surprised to catch Simms herself conversing with fans online.

“It’s not only important but a necessity,” says Simms. “It’s partially because of MySpace that I was able to launch myself…I love interacting with the fans. It makes them know you’re a real person and that you care about them.”

It isn’t only the fans that are taking notice to A.LL and Simms. When at one time it was common in the hip hop world for rappers to guest rap on other artists’ tracks, Simms has been restarting the trend of guest singing on other bands’ tracks. Simms has been lending her vocals to bands like Secondhand Serenade and All Time Low.

All this solo attention in addition to being a frontwoman to an otherwise all-male band doesn’t worry Simms in the least. A few years earlier a woman fronting a band may have ruffled the feathers of certain more patriarchal-inclined bands, but according to Simms, being a frontwoman this day and age is a non-issue.

“It’s become more of me as a front person who happens to have boobs,” jokes Simms.

For the die hard fans that have been following A.LL from the get-go, Simms plans on releasing all her songs (that to date can only be found online), “on albums, EPs, [hidden tracks], exclusives, B sides, etc.” For now, we’ll have to settle for putting Truth or Dare on repeat.

A.LL is back on the road again beginning October 1st.


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