Author: Joyce Quach


The Balconies

The Balconies draw audiences in like a magnet. Jacquie Neville, with her wild charisma, turns the stage into her own little cocoon – a place of transformation from artist to rock star. And oh, it’s wildly entertaining to watch.

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When you’ve just released your forth studio album internationally to a legion of die hard fans, when you’ve performed over four hundred shows within a three year span in support of your last record, when you’ve been around for the past twelve years and are still going strong, rock star doesn’t quite cover it.


Sounds of Sweetness

Sun kissed Vancouverites flocked to the PNE Amphitheatre on a sizzling Friday evening to watch Jimmy Eat World live, open for City and Colour.


Gold & Youth

If you can dig your way through the latest saturation of dubstep-inspired pop tunes around every corner, you might just find a touch of creative genius shining through beyond the familiar. Gold & Youth is one of these gems of a band.

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Talent Prevails

“This is going to be our twentieth year as a band,” shouts Benjamin Kowalewicz from the stage of the Coliseum. It’s the first stop on Billy Talent’s Dead Silence Tour across Canada and the crowd could not be more thrilled. Even though the band formed back in 1993, it wasn’t until a whole decade later that their self-titled album first hit the shelves. Since then, three addition albums have been released including their latest, Dead Silence.


Some Kind Of Wonderful

It certainly is a treat when you attend a concert and the opening act puts on so great of a show, it isn’t difficult picturing him as a headlining band. So when St. Lucia rolled into town with Ellie Goulding, he not only
warmed up the crowd, he blew the lid off of the venue.