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It’s only as fun as you make it and Vancouver based band Hedley certainly intend on enjoying the ride.


Marianas Trench

Subpar mediocrity. Not really a label you’d ever want to be attached to but Vancouver based band Marianas Trench welcome it. “I would rather us take a whole bunch of risks, be mediocre and fail, rather than just do what everyone else [is doing],” explained front man Josh Ramsay. Since […]


“We never lived up to the hype”

After hooking up at a music festival, writing songs about one night stands, filming music videos spoofing the porn industry, and being hyped up as the next big thing, electronic synth pop band Dragonette quietly return to the spotlight with the release of their sophomore effort Fixin to Thrill.


Backstage with… Dragonette

We caught up with Dan Kurtz, Joel Stouffer, and Chris Hugget on their tour stop in Vancouver to talk about Perez Hilton, celebrity perfumes, and the wonders of Craigslist.