An older than usual crowd packed the Commodore Ballroom last night and if you didn’t know better you might have thought it was for some sort of reunion. In some ways though, it was like a reunion. It has been four years since Train played a show in Vancouver and over a decade since they first launched into massive mainstream success with songs like “Meet Virginia” and the Grammy-winning “Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)”.

Don’t let age fool you for a second though because both the audience and the veteran rockers were ready to get down and dirty, and play some good old rock and roll with a pinch of country flare.

The show began with “Parachute” and “Get To Me”. Lead singer, Patrick Monahan barely had to sing into the microphone as the crowd shouted along word-for-word. Once the band launched into “Meet Virginia” the audience erupted into cheers. Monahan threw on a cowboy hat, while the females in the crowd began to do arm turns and the dosado.

For the song, “She’s On Fire”, Monahan brought six lucky ladies on stage and labelled them his “Trainettes”. Posing quickly for a group photo with his new entourage, Monahan encouraged the crowd to take photos and tag him in them later on Facebook. Who says social media is only for the young?

Without so much as a break, the band continued with “I Got You”, “When I Look to the Sky”, and “Calling All Angels”. Train delighted the audience by throwing free merchandise into the crowd – guitar picks, a cowboy hat, a few t-shirts, and literally the shirt off Monahan’s back.

During “If It’s Love”, Monahan asked the audience to hold up their cell phones, which illuminated the dark room like a sea of fireflies.

Quite the crowd pleaser, Monahan left the stage momentarily only to return with a Canada t-shirt. Before launching into “Save Me, San Francisco” and “Free”, he thanked everyone for coming, for selling out the house, and for never giving up on Train.

While a few couples began slow dancing to “Marry Me”, Monahan continued wooing the audience. He proposed to the crowd, “Let’s get married”. He joked about his height with the audience, and then proceeded to make his way off the stage and onto the floor, walking and singing from the front of the house all the way to the rear and back again.

The show wrapped with “Hey, Soul Sister”, the crowd favourite “Drops of Jupiter”, and an explosive rendition of Aerosmith’s “Dream On”. Train rocked Vancouver with more charisma, charm and personality than musicians half their age.

And with two new singles, “Hey, Soul Sister” and “If It’s Love” dominating the radio charts, there is no better time than to take the show on the road for this Save Me, San Francisco tour. So for those of you who still remember how to rock, all aboard the Train show. And, hold on tight because it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

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