Five minutes into a interview with All Time Low and they’ve confessed to an affinity for crystal meth, rubbed ice cubes on their necks to cool off, and suggested the media is always reporting on how “ridiculously good looking”  they are.

That should have tipped me off.

Instead, I ploughed ahead into serious journalistic reporting and was met with suggestions on where to score the best drugs in Vancouver and reasons as to why I ought to dress pets in human clothes.

It’s easy to write All Time Low off. They’re four young guys with a reputation for being a debaucherous party band – they’re even marketed this way on their official website. And their sarcastic, nonchalant, joking demeanour during press interviews ain’t helping counter this reputation. Now, there is definitely a market for this type of band, but typically those looking  for long careers need to show some substance.

But beneath it all, All Time Low know what they’re doing.

“The people who get it, get it,” explains singer/guitarist Alex Gaskarth. “Those who don’t, I’m not too concerned about. We have a great time doing what we’re doing. We’re in a very fortunate position and we’re really lucky to be doing what we do. We make the most of it and enjoy it.”

“We’re in the music industry,” adds guitarist Jack Barakat. ” We’re not lawyers.”

Signing two record deals before graduating high school, the four friends from Baltimore, Maryland have come a long way from the days of covering Blink 182 songs. Touring endlessly and working with some big names in the business, the band released their fourth studio album Dirty Work last summer.

With success hitting at an early age, Gaskarth credits their former label, Hopeless Records, with giving them the freedom and control to shape their band during the earlier years.

“There are times when producers  and label people overstep their boundaries but we were really fortunate to find a label that really embraced what we did. They were good people and believed in a bands own creative approach. They didn’t want to step on that. ”

Flashes of seriousness don’t last long with this band.  The masks are back on as Gaskarth and Barakat discuss their bucket list goals.

“I want to make sweet, sweet love to Mila Kunis,” announces Gaskarth.

“I want to watch Alex and video tape him making sweet, sweet love to Mila Kunis,” says Barakat.

Mila Kunis, if you happen to catch wind of this, there are two Baltimore boys who would like to take you on a ‘date’.

“I’ll bring the camera!” says Barakat.

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