“Of course it bugs me,” says Sean Foreman, seated in a cramped dressing room backstage at Vancouver’s Vogue Theatre. “But I can’t let it. People are going to say whatever they want to say. We’re the ones out there on the road actually doing it.”

Foreman is right. Critics can say all they want but it’s 3OH!3 performing for sold-out crowds, making memories, and partying all the way to the bank.

Born out of a need for fun, college pals Sean Foreman and Nathanial Motte formed 3OH!3 after meeting in physics class at the University of Colorado. Right from the start the electro- pop duo set out on a mission: to have fun and make a few tunes along the way.

“Having fun is the MO of the band,” says Foreman. “That’s why we started.”

The search for fun has taken these two Colorado natives from their lecture halls to the streets of New York for the 2009 Video Music Awards, across the pond to the legendary Leeds Music festival, and through North America on the unofficial summer camp for bands, the Vans Warped Tour.

But with music about parties, girls, and first kisses, comes the constant criticisms of a couple of boys more interested in partying than taking their craft seriously.

Despite what other people think, Foreman explains, “there’s always a discrepancy between making fun music and taking your music seriously. You can take your art and your craft seriously and still have a good time.”

“People take fun and make it mutually exclusive with intelligence. Everyone, despite who you are, needs time to let loose. That’s the type of music we’re trying to make.”

For two intelligent men, Foreman an English Major and Motte a pre-med student, their lyrics fall on the simplistic side. However,Foreman suggests they’re not attempting to appeal to the lowest common denominator, rather they’re simple because to them, that’s art.

“We’re not dumbing down our lyrics,” defends Foreman. “I like to make the songs more anthemic. No one wants to hear your repeat the dictionary.”

Regardless of what the critics say, “the only thing we can do is continue doing what we’re doing and enjoy it,” says Foreman.

3OH!3 continue the ride, touring across North America until late November.

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